Wolseley 6/110 (1961 - 1964)

BMC gave their Farina-styled cars a comprehensive series of chassis improvements in the autumn of 1961, and although the 1962 models looked virtually the same as before, they were very different and altogether better under the skin. Both the B-Series and C-Series Farina saloons benefited from this treatment. In the process, the Austin A99 became theAustin A110, and to match it, the Wolseley 6/99 became the 6/110.

The Wolseley 6/110 received all the improvements applied to the Austin (see the appropriate Austin section), which included the use of a longer wheelbase, modified rear suspension linkage and (after a few months) the option of power-assisted steering. The engine became more powerful, there was a floor gear-change instead of the unpopular column change, and during 1962 air-conditioning became optional.

Except for the use of the floor gear-change, there was no visual way of identifying the 6/110 from the 6/99 model. In this form the 6/110 was produced from the autumn of 1961 until the spring of 1964 before being displaced by the further-improved Mk II model.

Wolseley 6/110 specification

As for original 6/99 except for:

Produced: Cowley, 1961-64. 10,800 6/110 Mk I types built.

Engine and transmission: 120bhp at 4,750rpm; 163lb ft at 2,750rpm. Optional Borg-Warner automatic transmission.

Chassis: Rear suspension with transverse anti-sway hydraulic damper. Optional power-assisted steering from summer 1962.

Dimensions: Wheelbase 9ft 2in; height 5ft 0.5in. Weight 3,470lb.

Distinguishing features from previous model: Restyled facia, manual gear-change on centre-floor and twin exhaust system.

Typical performance: Maximum speed 102mph; 0-60mph 13.3sec; standing 1/4-mile 19.4sec: overall fuel consumption 19mpg.

Launch Price: £1,343

Derivatives: Mk II model took over in spring 1964. Austin A110 was mechanically identical, but with different nose style and interior trim.

Fate: Discontinued in the spring of 1964 in favour of Mk II models.

Source: "The Cars of BMC" - Graham Robson (Motor Racing Publications, 1987)