Austin Cambridge A60 Diesel (1961 -1969)

At the same time as the A55 Mk II became the A60, it was given the option of a small diesel engine, a unit which was actually a beefed-up conversion of the B-Series petrol engine. At first this was an export-only model, but from summer 1962 it was made available on the British market.

As you might expect, the A60 Diesel was a much slower, noisier, rougher, but more economical car than the petrol-engined version, and for all the obvious reasons it sold very slowly indeed. Most of the cars built were used as taxis, or for similar commercial ventures, and very few survive to this day.

Only Austin and Morris cars were available with a Diesel engine.

Austin A60 Diesel specification

As for petrol engined A60 except for:

Engine and transmission: BMC B-Series diesel engine, 1,489cc. 40bhp at 4,000rpm; 64lb ft at 1,900rpm.

Dimensions: Unladen weight 2,520lb.

Typical performance: Maximum speed 66mph; 0-60mph 39.4sec; standing 1/4-mile 25.9sec: overall fuel consumption 37mpg.

Launch Price: £922

Distinguishing features from previous models: Diesel engine and obvious diesel 'knock' when being driven.

Fate: Discontinued in 1969 and not replace.

Source: "The Cars of BMC" - Graham Robson (Motor Racing Publications, 1987)