Isle of Man Tour 2015

Post date: 02-Aug-2015 20:20:54

The Cambridge Oxford Owners Club Isle of Man Tour 2015

Saturday July 25th 2015 until Saturday 1st August.

The year's COOC tour, organised by club secretary Steve Turner, was to the Isle of Man and 34 classics, took part making it the largest so far.

Although the majority were COOC vehicles, members and guests bringing other vehicles included an E-type Jaguar and Austin Devon van among others.

The furthest travelled prior to the tour actually starting were Robbie Anderson, who drove from the Shetland Isle of Whalsay in his MG Magnette MkIV and brother and sister Lenny and Jan Sebel who brought their Wolseley 16/60 from, Pijnacker, near Delft, in Holland

COOC continues to enjoy strong support from its membership for events and tours.

The club's national rally will be held at the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford, on Sunday September 6th and the club would be pleased to welcome any enthusiasts to come and look at the cars on display.