Low Cost Security Tracker

Post date: 15-Mar-2015 17:54:30

We take vehicle security very seriously and strives to help members keep their cars safe.

I'm pleased to announce that we now have a GPS Tracker solution at a fantastic price!

The 303 ProFleet GPS is a small unit, about the size of a pack of cards which contains a GPS satellite receiver (as used in SatNav devices) and a mobile phone SIM card.The unit can be easily be hidden in your car and wired into a permanent live feed.

It sends a GPS location every few minutes to a secure website, to which you have a personal login.

This website shows your car on a map and you can also look at historical information about your trips and even speeds over the previous 90 days!

We've found the accuracy to be within 10 meters and it even works whilst hidden inside a garaged car.

Not only can you track it on a website but if you call the SIM card from any smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry) it will reply with a SMS Text Messsage to your phone.

This text message tells you the status of the device and gives a link to a Google Map to show where it is.

As mentioned, the unit is wired into your electrics, this is an easy DIY job, but it also contains a rechargeable battery which lasts 24 hours. So, if your car battery is removed the unit will still work on its own power and will even send you an SMS alert when the battery gets low.

Imagine the worst case scenario - your car is stolen and taken to a yard to be dismantled.

The GPS is continually updating its location whilst the car is moving.

If the thieves start to strip the car and remove the battery, the GPS runs on its own power for 24 hours and even if they find and destroy the GPS it has still recorded its last location.

The pack you receive is pre-registered to you and gives you the website address, username and password.A mobile phone SIM card is included with £5 credit loaded, which should last over a month with normal usage.

Typical costs are 15p per text message if you want to track from your smartphone. If you're happy to track via the website then the cost of mobile data on the SIM card is only pennies per day.

You can top-up the SIM card on-line and even set it to automatically top itself up if the balance falls below £2

This really is a device that you can install and forget about - until you need it!

The cost?

The full kit with wiring harness and SIM card normally retails at £70

COOC members receive £12 discount.

For more information and your personal discount code, please email eddie@farinaforum.org

You can learn more here - https://www.rewiresecurity.co.uk/gps-303-fleet-car-vehicle-tracking-device-coban

BUT - remember you need your COOC code to get the discount.