Austin Cambrian (1957 - 1961)

The Austin Cambrian was the North American export model of the Austin Cambridge.

There were two models of the car; one based on the A55mk1 'Pre-Farina' and the other on the later 'Farina' model.

The later car had an A55mk 2 Bodyshell but with a 1622cc engine instead of the 1498cc fitted to the same car in the UK. The other differences were more or less cosmetic; instead of the Austin badge on the grille it was quite a large script outlined in red. It was badged 'Cambrian' instead of 'Cambridge' on the bootlid and, where the Wolseley has a 'sharkstooth' strip of chrome on the front wing, the Cambrian had a chrome 'lightning' flash as on the Pre-Farina A55mk1. The cars also had Morris Oxford Series V rear lights instead of the Cambridge ones. This is significant as the Morris lights do not fit the Austin cars so the rear wings must have been Morris Oxford ones. The cars are also believed to have had Lucas PL headlamps. It is also believed that the cars were available in the same colour schemes as the Cambridges.