Post date: 23-Mar-2018 16:32:45

A new roadworthy test, or MoT, came into force on May 20th, 2018.

Historic vehicles over 40 years old have the option to opt out of the new scheme as they no longer need to pass an MOT to be allowed on UK roads.

Initially at least you will have the option to take your old car for an MoT, but as time moves forward that will become more and more difficult to do within the legal framework as the modern MoT test has aspects that cannot be applied to old cars.

The sensible thing would be for a two-tier arrangement to have been put in place, a different test for vehicles of different ages; the government, following advice and legislation from the EU, have not taken this route.

We, as a club, strongly recommend that you continue to have your car MoT inspected by a local garage you trust,preferably one that understands old cars. That second pair of eyes to spot a cracked brake pipe or slightly weeping wheel cylinder, before you find yourself sailing towards the scene of the accident with no brakes, is very important.

The vast majority of COOC members were against this change, the committee were unanimously so, but we don’t make the laws and cannot change it now.

We've produced a guide for owners to conduct their own basic test to find faults and weaknesses that need addressing.

This guide was printed in our March 2018 Rosette Recorder magazine and is reproduced for you to download below.