Virtual Rally 2024

Our seventh annual Virtual Rally was held at the end of February 2024

The theme this year was "Motoring Monikers"
We conducted a survey which showed that 65% of classic car owners have given their car a name.
We wanted to know the origins of those names!

Members from around the world submitted pictures of their cars bearing the rally plaque with their car's name.

Here are the some of the popular cars

My Wolseley 16/60 has been known as Libby for a great many years. Due to her number plate being LBY

My A90 got the name Christine, after the Steven King novel and film. The day I brought her home from Crawley, near Gatwick and showed her to Joyce, was the day she got named. After sitting inside for a few minutes, Joyce tried to get out, but the door wouldn't unlock. After several attempts we realised that the handle had been fitted upside down and she was locking it. We remembered the same scene from the film and had a good laugh. She has been Christine ever since.

Our car registration is TOD 311J. Not surprisingly he couldn't really have any other name than Tod. However by coincidence there is more to the registration in as much as the numbers are my birthday date and the J is the first letter of my wife's name. I originally swapped Tod for an Ital estate because at the time I couldn't afford to buy another car. So Tod's registration became personalised as  'Totally Out of Dosh but it's my birthday Jan'

The name Daisy came about after my late wife Jane and I had been to a show in the West End of London called 'Daisy Pulls It Off'. Some weeks later, we were out in the camper grinding up a long steep hill and when she made it to the top we both exclaimed 'Daisy Pulled It Off'- the name seeming most appropriate after her achievement in reaching the summit!

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