Virtual Rally 2021

posted 7 Mar 2021, 02:27 by Eddie Foster   [ updated 16 Mar 2021, 15:51 ]

Our fourth annual Virtual Rally was held at the end of February 2021. 
The theme this year was "Wheel Meet Again" as members prepared their cars in anticipation of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions easing. 
Members from around the world submitted pictures of their cars bearing the official rally plaque.
Here are the most popular cars, whose owners won membership gift vouchers.

John Dickson's Austin A60 Cambridge

Fred Oldham's Austin A90 Westminster 

Sami Hietalahti's Austin Cambridge A55 MkII (Finland)

David Green's Wolseley 6/110

Click below to see the best of the rest!

Lock-Down Meeting - the COOC 6 x 6

posted 4 Jul 2020, 10:07 by Eddie Foster   [ updated 4 Jul 2020, 10:10 ]

June 1st 2020 was the first day since the Coronavirus lock-down that we could meet up as a group of friends and celebrate our hobby.
The government lifted restrictions, allowing groups of up to six people from different households to meet outside and observe social distancing rules.
We had to mark this historic moment, so a group of 6 of us met at 6pm and ensured we stayed 6' 6" apart!

John Dickson was in charge of the parking and drew a 8m diameter circle in the car park and set cones to mark where each car should be.
We set out deckchairs and brought our own refreshments.
It was a glorious sunny evening; the passing public kept a respectable distance and we were grateful for the chance to chill with friends who we'd not seen for 3 months or more.
Many thanks to
Graeme Mcculloch
@ The Waterside Inn for allowing us to spread out on his car park.
Hopefully, as restrictions ease we'll be able to repeat this with larger groups.


Don't Drive-It Day 2020

posted 27 Apr 2020, 01:39 by Eddie Foster   [ updated 28 Apr 2020, 11:56 ]

April 26th 2020 should have been national "Drive it Day" when classic car owners across the UK took their cars on the road to celebrate the start of Spring and getting their cars out of winter hibernation.
The Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to that so we asked our members to take selfie photographs of themselves with their cars for an alternative event dubbed "Don't Drive it Day - Selfie Isolation"
Please click the picture below to see our efforts.

Virtual Rally 2020

posted 14 Mar 2020, 16:02 by Eddie Foster   [ updated 28 Apr 2020, 11:54 ]

Our third annual Virtual Rally was help over the weekend of February 29th/March 1st, 2020
The Virtual Rally united COOC members from around the world as they took pictures of their cars in various locations and states-of-repair.
The cars had to display the official rally plaque, which was downloadable. This year's plaque marked the 40th Anniversary of our Club.
We received 100's of photos which were uploaded to our Farina Forum website, from where members could vote for their favourites.
The photos ranged from cars in barns, exotic locations, snow-bound driveways and spectacular backdrops.
Here are the 4 winners, who each receive a 12 Month's Membership Certificate.

Winner Darren McAngus’s Morris Oxford VI (Beverly Hills, CA)

Winner Colin Gibbs and his Suntor
 Winner John Dickson with his Austin Cambridge A55 MkII
Winner Mike Standring (Berlin)

Here's a link to the best of the rest -

Gift Certificates

posted 21 Nov 2019, 12:52 by Cambridge Oxford   [ updated 21 Nov 2019, 12:54 ]

We're pleased to announce the option to purchase Gift Certificates for a year's membership to the Club.
You can print or email the certificates to give to your friends or family and they can enjoy the benefits of COOC membership.
Please click the certificate below to learn more 
Gift Certificates

2019 AGM & Autumn Rally

posted 12 Sept 2019, 13:16 by Eddie Foster   [ updated 12 Sept 2019, 13:54 ]

Our 2019 Annual General Meeting and Autumn Rally will be held on Sunday 13th October at - 
The Griffin Trust, 
Hooton Park, Airfield Way, 
Ellesmere Port 
CH65 1BQ

Gates open from 10:20am - please complete the Registration Form below to join us.


Hooton Park is a heritage site with three First World War hangers.  
It is home to the Griffin Trust collection of Bedford trucks, The Aero collection and a number of other preserved buses / trucks.
We will have refreshments available on the day, but this will be limited to Tea, Coffee and Squash.  Hot Soup and bread will be available around noon. We have use of the mess hut, which the volunteers use as their canteen. 
There is not a café on site.
Here's a link to their website -

There are numerous local attractions for the whole family very close by, so why not come and make a weekend of it? 

Please complete the Registration Form below if you'd like to join us.

Registration Form

Farina 60 Report and Pictures

posted 8 Aug 2019, 15:03 by Eddie Foster   [ updated 8 Aug 2019, 15:06 ]

Club Merchandise

posted 16 Jun 2019, 00:30 by Eddie Foster   [ updated 16 Jun 2019, 00:31 ]

We have a great new supplier for Club merchandise.
Choose from a catalogue of regalia or even custom print your own pictures.

VIP Speaker @ Farina 60

posted 6 May 2019, 09:23 by Eddie Foster   [ updated 24 Dec 2019, 12:51 ]

I'm proud to announce that we have a special guest speaker who will give a talk at our Farina 60 event in July.

Tony Gledhill was a policeman in the 1960's who was awarded the George Cross for bravery.

He's one of only a small number of people alive today who hold the medal.

Here's his story - 

On that fateful day in 1966 Tony was driving a Wolseley 6/110 police car with wireless operator colleague PC Terry McFall when a gang of five men in a car were seen acting suspiciously in Deptford.

The brave officers launched a high-speed chase through the streets of South London travelling on the wrong side of the road against a one-way system.

The gang tried to ambush the police vehicle and shot at the officers with a sawn-off shotgun and revolvers. Bullets struck the windscreen of the police car before the gang’s stolen car (also a Wolseley 6/110) crashed into a lorry.

The gang fled and three of them - one armed with a pistol - ran into a transport firm’s yard with the two officers following. The gunman ran towards PC Gledhill, aimed the gun at his head, and ordered him and his colleague to get out of their car or be shot.

The gunman got in and reversed towards PC Gledhill, still aiming the pistol at him. The brave PC grabbed the gun as the man turned his head momentarily while changing gear.

As the vehicle sped off PC Gledhill clung to the car window and was dragged along the road until he was thrown beneath a parked car as the gunman crashed.

Meanwhile PC McFall threw open the car door and began to hit the gunman, still holding the pistol, with his truncheon. PC Gledhill regained his feet but was again knocked to the ground as the guman flung open the driver’s door.

He backed away from the officers, warning them not to move while firing a shot. The officers then heard the gun click and both rushed at the gunman. PC McFall struck at him with his truncheon while PC Gledhill grabbed him and disarmed him during a violent struggle. Another gun - an automatic pistol - was found in his pocket.

Both officers suffered injuries during their ordeal and had to receive hospital treatment. In a later citation of their brave actions, it was stated: “They had faced a sustained firearm attack and from the early stages knew the risks they ran of being killed or seriously injured.”

PC McFall was later awarded the George Medal and PC Gledhill (pictured on the right) the George Cross.

Tony Gledhill was promoted to Detective Sergeant in 1976. When he retired from the police in 1987 he joined the Royal Mail Post Office Investigation Department.

Now retired, he frequently lectures on the George Cross and bravery in general.

Tony should be with us around 2pm on Saturday 20th July.

To make this talk even more memorable, COOC member David Green will bring his black Wolseley 6/110 in full Police livery.

The car has starred in numerous films,TV programs and also featured in Amy Winehouse's video for "Back to Black"

I'm sure you'll agree that this talk will be of great interest and be one of the highlights of a fantastic weekend that all COOC members can enjoy.

Virtual Rally 2019

posted 4 Mar 2019, 15:05 by Eddie Foster   [ updated 4 Mar 2019, 15:22 ]

We ran our second annual Virtual Rally over the weekend of February 23rd-24th.
The rally marked the start of our FARINA 60 celebrations.
Club members were encouraged to take pictures of their cars wherever they are in the world.
The cars could be in any condition and location, so long as they sported the official Rally Plaque, downloaded from our website.
The pictures were uploaded onto our Farina Forum website and all members had the opportunity to vote for their favourites by clicking the LIKE button alongside each one.
Hundreds of pictures were submitted from across three continents and multiple time zones & seasons.
We awarded prizes ranging from a tablet computer to vouchers for 12 month COOC membership.
Here are the winners - 

Most popular 4 Cylinder Pre-Farina
Tom Hanslip's Austin A55 Mk1

Most popular 6 Cylinder Pre-Farina
Fred Oldham's Austin A90
Most popular 6 Cylinder Farina
David Green's Wolseley 6/110 Mk2

Most popular Commercial Derivative
Colin Gibbs's Suntor Camper
Webmaster's Prize for non-COOC car
Martin Hamilton's Morris Oxford IV

Car Requiring Most TLC
Peter Bradnum's Riley Silhouette 


Andrew Foster's Riley 4/72 
in New Zealand

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