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Pride of Longbridge 2014

posted 13 Apr 2014, 04:28 by Cambridge Oxford   [ updated 13 Apr 2014, 14:10 by Eddie Foster ]
Photos from COOC Publicity Officer John Lakey, taken at the annual Pride of Longbridge celebration. More details here -
12th April, 2014

Pride of Longbridge 2014

Record Attendance at Pride of Longbridge 2014

Cofton Park Birmingham on 12/04/2014

Aware that enthusiasm for Pride of Longbridge grows every year Austin & Longbridge Federation (ALF), the organisers of the motoring section, took the bold step of expanding the event into the greater park area this year in order to accommodate the predicted extra vehicles. The new layout proved a great success; the event felt busy but not cramped and this, allied to good weather, is surely why so many felt 2014 was the best POL to date. 

However, even ALF committee members were amazed at the numbers attending, at least 2000 vehicles. For the first time clubs belonging to ALF were able to pre-book an area for their display and this also proved a great success with over 40 taking the opportunity to do this.

Any vehicle with a Longbridge connection is welcome to attend and the variety of cars this year was even greater than ever. However, the organisers would like to encourage more enthusiasts with older vehicles to bring them out for the first event in the year's classic car calendar next year.

With many foreign visitors bringing vehicles to display, including a small convoy from Holland, the park was busy all day. Many local residents, mostly former workers and their families attended and were keen to talk to about the cars and their experiences at the Longbridge plant with enthusiasts who are now restoring them. The MG Sales Centre across the road in the Longbridge factory also had a busy day demonstrating the new MG3 and sold a number of cars to people attending the event.

Pride of Longbridge will return in 2015.